Introducing the Mentoring Schemes

Mentoring is a unique opportunity that allows University of Birmingham students to enhance their experiences, by receiving one-to-one advice and guidance from a professional working in a particular sector. This can be a great way to understand how to succeed and be better prepared for the working world beyond graduation. For any queries please email

We offer 2 mentoring schemes:

(1) Careers Network Mentoring –  providing mentors based on your desired career enabling you to seek invaluable advice throughout your time at university

(2) Alumni Leadership Mentoring – students gain advice from Birmingham alumni who are leading experts in their field, see past and present mentors here



One thought on “Introducing the Mentoring Schemes

  1. This is my 3rd year of mentoring, which I throughly enjoy. Having worked extensively in government as well as a few years in private sector, I’m able to share my personal experiences with the mentees in easing their concerns over career and higher education choices. The frank and open exchanges with the mentees provide a mutually benefitted platform. The overall experience is excellent.

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