Looking back and thinking forward (Blog 3)


Since my last meeting with Yogi I had acted on the advice he had given me including updating my CV, reading the two books and buying a new tie. I had also accepted a job at Towers Watson where I did a summer internship last July. Although I received the offer before coming onto the mentoring scheme, it wasn’t something I wanted to go into at the time. Investment had always been more appealing to me than actuarial (the line of work I had been offered), and so I had postponed signing the contract in the hope I could secure a job in my ideal industry. However after applying to job after job, before and after our last meeting, being rejected hours after my applications were sent off, I realised I had taken the job offer from Towers Watson a little for granted. I think I had also been a bit apprehensive about confirming a job as it is such a big change from University life and so rather than not accepting it because it wasn’t something I wanted to do, I was maybe just scared about setting my future in stone.


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Practicing My German at the CBSO (Blog 2)


We met at the CBSO Centre which is where he works sometimes and I said I’d never been before, so he took a bit of time to show me round which was a) nice of him and b) really useful as I’ve got to attend some rehearsals there in June/July, so now I know my way round a bit!

I brought my laptop as I wanted to show him some stuff I’d saved on there from two music schools in Germany that he’d recommended to me (the UDK and the Hanns Eisler, in case you didn’t already know!). I’d just saved some bits of the application forms/entry requirements that I had some questions about. I speak a tiny bit of German but only up to GSCE level and it’s not enough to handle the hefty university blurb!

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Provoking Questions with Mike Coupe (Blog 1)

First Meeting – Mike Coupe

I am a final year mechanical engineering student and my mentor is Mike Coupe, currently acting as commercial director of J Sainsbury’s.

I first had the opportunity to meet Mike here at the university during the second half of autumn term, whilst Mike was visiting to deliver a lecture as part of the distinguished leader’s series. To begin with we spoke about our various backgrounds and discussed our aims for the scheme. It was also interesting to discuss the numerous changes to the university since Mike’s last visit.

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Everything Oil & Gas with Mike Welton

My name is Lincoln Smith. I am studying Chemical & Energy Engineering with Industrial experience. I was extremely pleased I had been selected to be mentored by Mike Welton in my final year, the chairman of Premier Oil, and former director of Balfour Beatty.

The main reason for wanting a mentor was to give some focus to the decisions I would be making about graduate placements, and to learn about leadership skills.
It was not until early December when we finally made contact. On the phone we talked about careers, and the steps I was taking to make my career choices. One of the best things he said was that I was free to contact him whenever, which made it very easy for me to feel comfortable to talk to him from the outset.

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Impressed to say the least (Blog 1)

As an International Relations student going into my final year at university, the prospect of having a mentor was an opportunity I could not pass up. At the end of the ALMP interview process I was delighted to be matched with Sarah Cox, Director of Strategy and Planning at the Cabinet Office. Sarah has had an incredibly exciting and distinguished career, not least with her contribution to delivering the London 2012 Olympic Games as Head of Planning.

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