Ashana Gupta Sarah Marr


All of our mentees are current University of Birmingham students from a range of degree backgrounds, who recognised the value and benefit of alumni guidance during their final year of university.

Below are short profiles on each of our mentees on the Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme (ALMP).

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Mentees for 2016-17

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Ashana Gupta Sarah Marr

Mentor: Dr Barry Cockcroft, Chief Dental Officer

Why ALMP?  Whilst I have a rough idea of the general career pathways in Dentistry, I hope to gain invaluable insight on the benefits of the different career pathways and hear about Dr Cockcroft’s experiences working with the BDA. I would be keen to discuss my elective project with my mentor as well and hear his thoughts. Whilst I lack confidence on clinic at the moment with further practice and advice from my mentor I hope to develop my confidence and skills in my final year.