Last minute advice on Assessment centres (Blog 3)

In February I was fortunate enough to have been invited to two assessment centres in one week, and so I decided that this would be a great time to get some advice from Andrew. With only about two weeks between the invitations and the actual days I emailed Andrew to ask for his help, hoping that despite the short notice he would be able to find some time for me. Continue reading

Think About Your Future Career, Now! (Blog 1)

I am a final year Business Management student and my mentor is Andrew Garner, CEO of Andrew Garner Associates, a leading Executive Search Consultancy.

I first heard about the Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme (ALMP) whilst on my year in industry working for GlaxoSmithKline. My role at GSK was in HR and by its nature and the type of people that I was working alongside, I was encouraged to think about my future career during the 13 months that I was there. I think I came across the ALMP via an email that had been sent to my University account, and at first I probably didn’t pay much attention to it. Continue reading

Job success! (Blog 3)

To tell the truth I have been putting off writing this last ALMP post in the vain hope that I wouldn’t be the first ALMP graduate to leave the scheme jobless (yes that’s right, the scheme has a 100% success rate in terms of graduate employment!). Fortunately – and after ten long months of off-and-on job hunting – I have found a job working for an exciting media agency in London. Funnily enough, the events which surrounded the interview earlier this week provide almost a perfect reflection of the ALMP programme and its extraordinary capabilities. As such, instead of just summing up my experience this year with Andrew Garner, it’s perhaps a good idea to share my last week on the programme with you.

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The mentoring learning process (Blog 2)

After an incredibly hectic second semester I finally have some time to sit back and reflect on the most recent developments in my Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme (ALMP) experience…
As I write this I am yet to receive a job offer for next year, having been rejected from numerous different graduate schemes across a range of different industries/sectors. Interestingly though, when I look back over the different applications and interviews that I gave, I can find flaws in every single one of them. This isn’t because I hashed them out without due care; or because I am an overly self-exigent individual. But rather because my mentor, Andrew Garner, has given me an entirely different perspective with regards to career management and entry-level recruitment. I genuinely can’t stress just how refreshing it is to get some career advice that is different to the generic stuff you find online.

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Important Feedback with Andrew Garner (Blog 1)

Before I go on to talk about my experience so far with Andrew Garner, I think it’s important to highlight just how big an opportunity the Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme is. If you’re in two minds about applying, just imagine yourself telling somebody that your mentor is the Commercial Director of Sainsburys, or the Group Chief Executive of AMV BBDO, or if you’re really lucky… one of the most successful Executive Search Consultants in the country! The programme provides fantastic access to some of the most successful individuals in the country, whose advice many people would (and in some cases do) pay a lot of money to for.

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First Impressions matter (Blog 1)

Prescheme & how I’m getting on so far

So I first met my mentor Andrew Garner at a PSA graduation in June last semester. He was giving a speech at the ceremony and I was struck by how he didn’t mince his words. He talked about life and what it was like when he was at uni and a bit on his career. In addition he spoke his opinion on the current situation for graduates just commencing on their careers and even dared to speak about government policy! I was very impressed as I felt like he was being honest and not just saying meaningless phrases because they sound good. On the basis of this I went to speak to him at the end for 5 minutes and then I also put him as my first choice for mentor.

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