Stephen Bowcott – History

The mentor scheme has proved to be a truly inspiring and valuable experience that has given me an insight into the world of work and helped to form a strong foundation of skills that will no doubt help me as I progress with my academic studies. Having saw the scheme advertised on the University website many months ago I knew this would be a one-off opportunity to learn from an ex UOB student who shared a similar interest in a subject area as did I.

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Jennifer Omigie – 2nd Year, Chemical Engineering

I have been studying for the past 2 years with no work experience  whatsoever and very little realisation of what was waiting for me outside university. I applied to a number of companies for summer placements but we all know its very competitive you have 1000s of applicants applying for 1 role. After receiving a lot of  the “I am sorry we cant offer you a place” letter I felt very discouraged.

 I received an email informing me of the mentoring scheme, I thought it will be a useful experience to get inside information and advice on what to do when I finish uni because as of that point I was completely clueless about  what I wanted to do.

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Rosamund Thomas, 2nd year, Geography student

Rosamund Thomas

As a 2nd year Geography student I’m having to give serious thought to my future after my degree. As my subject doesn’t lend itself to a specific career path, I took an interest in the university’s mentoring scheme as a way of having personal guidance on my future. For me, the scheme was an opportunity to gain a professional prospective and advice in regards to my career.

I was allocated a mentor that was involved in the same sector I was interested in and we were given each others email addresses. This allowed initial introductions to be done electronically, getting to know academic history and what we both wanted out of the scheme, in an unpressurised environment.

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Nina Anckar, Business Management with Year in Industry

Nina Anckar

If you think the transformation from school to university seems like a daunting experience, you might want to prepare for the shock that comes from being a student and suddenly finding yourself stuck with a full-time job.

If you think the transformation from school to university seems like a daunting experience, you might want to prepare for the shock that comes from being a student and suddenly finding yourself stuck with a full-time job.

Applying for a mentor in my 2nd year is something that has helped me with the transformation from university on to full time work at a big corporate, and allowed me to gain some insight in to the working world before starting my placement at Microsoft month back (in July).

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The future beyond UoB….

How much has the campus changed since you studied here? Come on …. I’m not that old was Martin’s reply as we walked around campus on his most recent visit. Given the transformation which the university is set to go through with the new library and sports centre, I imagine it may be slightly different when I return post-graduation.

With examination revision in full flight and the end of term beckoning, campus is busy with lots of students rushing off to the library which for the first time is open 24 hours. As it is a nice day we grab a drink, sit outside and talk about what it means to have studied at Birmingham and the sense of attachment we both feel to the university.

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All things Theatre!

There are several ways I could frame the experience of being mentored by Alan Davey (Chief Executive Arts Council England): the meetings we’ve had, the performances we’ve seen, the people I’ve met with or through him, the music we’ve introduced one another too.

A good place to start is, rather than the beginning, is a concert we attended recently: Birmingham Symphony Hall, CBSO conducted by Andris Nelsons ‘Tristan und Isolde’ (all three Acts). It was my third time at the Opera, so I didn’t know very much what to expect (I’d listened to a bit of a CD recording that Alan had bought me for preparation). It was absolutely magnificent. Walking home down Broad Street afterwards, I kept hearing bass clarinets in car motors, or top string sections seeping out of clubs- no lie. I was also thinking about someone we’d met, Sir Brian McMaster (who formerly ran the Edinburgh International Festival) and a list that I’d excitedly scribbled on the back of an envelope- a list of ‘really really good’ theatre directors, a plan for shows I needed to catch.

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Updates from my mentoring exeprience with Sir Charles George

I have continued to maintain contact with Sir Charles and he has sent me documentation (and a travel brochure..) to assist me on my elective.  He is on holiday at the moment and we are then due to talk during March, prior to my exams.

In terms of comments from my experiences this year, I’ve really enjoyed being part of the ALMP and believe I have benefited from it immensely.

Watch this space for an update …