Christopher Walker


All of our mentees are current University of Birmingham students from a range of degree backgrounds, who recognised the value and benefit of alumni guidance during their final year of university.

Below are short profiles on each of our mentees on the Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme (ALMP).

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Mentees for 2016-17


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 Christopher Walker

Mentor: Baroness Patience Wheatcroft, Working peer and company director

Why ALMP? Whilst pursuing a career as a commercial solicitor in the short-term, I am intrigued by the viability of a career in politics, international business or journalism post-qualification. I am interested to further learn how to transition through career paths, best maintain and cultivate a successful network and the methods I can use to make the most of my opportunities. I would appreciate any honest career advice based on Baroness Wheatcroft’s own experiences relative to this. Both British and international politics are key parts of my own interests, and any additional exposure to the daily activities of political institutions would be fantastic; for instance, my dissertation will be an assessment of the impacts of the Investigatory Powers Bill currently working its way through Parliament, so exposure to any Committees, Readings or related activities surrounding that particular Bill or others would positively inform this. Opportunities to shadow Baroness Wheatcroft in any of her work, or assist in any way, would be highly welcome.