Second meeting with Alan Davey

My second mentoring session took place on campus as Alan had business in Birmingham that day. I found it a lot easier to talk to him this time as I had already gotten the nerves of the first introduction out the way. As the first session was more about getting to know me and what career I wanted to pursue, this meeting was more about beginning to organise specific actions I would need to take to get me heading in the right direction.

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Words of Wisdom from my Mentor – Jane Lodge (Blog 2)

My second meeting with my mentor came at the end of a stressful week in the life of a 3rd year Economics student. However, the session was a great success and I would definitely consider it to be the highlight of my week. Jane is so open, honest and easy to talk to. In this session we discussed my dissertation, networking and achieving a ‘work-life balance’.

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‘Strive for excellence rather than perfection.’

Since I last met with Cilla in November time, I’ve confirmed the details of my week’s work experience at AMV BBDO, started to update my CV and LinkedIn profile in line with her suggestions, and tried to focus on some of the advice she gave me. One of the main things Cilla had told me to focus on was my attitude towards things. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, but Cilla taught me to strive for excellence rather than perfection. Thinking about things in this way has definitely helped with the academic stress of final year. Continue reading

First meeting with the BBC’s HR Director

Within the first week back at University for my final year I already had an email from Valerie’s Secretary Lottie arranging my first meeting. In mid-October I went to the BBC offices in Birmingham where I was greeted by Valerie’s business partner Amanda Brettell. Amanda showed me around the offices and we had a quick chat about uni and my career aspirations whilst Valerie was finishing off a meeting with a client.

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