Blog 2 – Catch up Calls

With Louise and I both busy at work and University, we agreed that phone calls would be the best way to communicate for the time being. We had our first call at the end of November and the second was in early December. When we initially met in August, I mentioned to Louise that I was considering going travelling after I graduated, but was worried that it would hinder my chances of getting a job when I returned. By the time we spoke again at the end of November I had decided that I definitely wanted to travel, so we discussed the possible difficulties of entering the job market and how to best prepare for that before I go. Louise’s advice reassured me and made me more confident about securing a job in the future!

When we first met I was feeling positive about returning to uni and I was preparing effectively for my final year – in particular my dissertation. However, since coming back I found myself feeling more overwhelmed by my dissertation than I had expected. I was unsure whether to reveal this to Louise, because I was concerned that it would reflect badly on me. But after consideration I realised that our relationship was based on honesty as this would give her the greatest understanding of my true personality. Consequently, I explained to Louise how I was doing a huge amount of research for my dissertation, but the ominous ‘12,000 word’ word count was making it daunting and preventing me from actually starting to write! Immediately Louise offered me very helpful advice and told me about the experiences of other students she knew to have struggled with the same problem. Louise’s ability to draw on her own experiences of the academic and working worlds enabled her to give incredibly useful advice – something I am hugely grateful for!

As I mentioned in my pervious blog, Louise thought that doing some work experience at the Crew Headquarters would be beneficial for me in narrowing down my career options. So, when we spoke again in December we discussed this further. I thought about the specific elements of previous jobs that I enjoyed, whether graduate schemes would suit me and how I can be most successful in applying for jobs. I outlined the areas that I wanted to get experience in, and we confirmed the details for my upcoming work experience which I am really excited to do!

Phoebe Mansfield


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