First Meeting

When I first applied to the Alumni Leadership Mentoring Scheme I had only a vague idea of what I wanted to do after graduation, I really need some direction and I needed it soon! After a successful application I was so excited to be mentored by Baroness Doreen Massey a Life Peer member of the House of Lords and an Education graduate of UoB.  I originally planned to go in to Social Work but after volunteering in this field over summer I was no longer sure.  I was still keen to get input from Doreen as I knew she had been involved in policies that overlapped with issues surrounding social work.  However, after an impromptu visit to a school I found myself wanting to be a primary school teacher and so I was even more excited for my first meeting with Doreen since a large part of her career had been in Education.

The first meeting we had was early on in Term One and this centred on getting to know each other and what I wanted to get out of the mentor mentee relationship.  I explained that while I had figured out what I wanted to do and begun applications I still felt under prepared to make the transition from university into employment and would appreciate her guidance and advice from her time in Education.  The second meeting we spent putting together a personal statement. This was useful not just for UCAS applications but also for helping me to think through all the experiences I had gained.

We had also planned two further meetings but these were postponed due to problems out of our control. We plan to meet at least one more time but nonetheless the whole experience from application to meeting Doreen has been so worthwhile.

Kristina Wright, 3rd Year BA Social Policy


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