Blog 3 – helpful advice

So far Cilla has been incredibly helpful to me, particularly during my ongoing job hunt. Unfortunately Cilla has been unwell so we have been unable to meet since our last meeting at the end of January. However, at that meeting she was really helpful, giving me advice on how to progress on a lead I have for a job. In this meeting I learnt a bit more about Cilla’s role at the University as a member of the alumni, and we spoke about how many of her past mentees received unhelpful feedback on their work – something I can relate to!

One of the most important things Cilla has taught me is to not let stress affect me. She reminded me that at the end of university, once in your first job, there is little difference between a 2:1 and a first, so I shouldn’t let the difference get me down.

I have a job interview in the coming week so Cilla has given me some advice in how to prepare for this, such as what specific things she knows this agency would expect me to know.  She also reminded me to be myself and express a point of view. She seems genuinely interested in how I’m progressing and I feel comfortable knowing that I can go to her with questions and for advice.

Molly Feely, 4th Year BA Modern Languages


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