‘Twelfth Night’ at the National Theatre

I met with Tamsin Grieg on 30th March at the National Theatre in London before her performance of ‘Twelfth Night’. We chatted in the café before the show and discussed my recent improvements with drama school auditions. She was really helpful in guiding me to pick a school that works best for me and even said she would introduce me to Daniel Ezra (another member of the cast) after the show. Daniel went to East 15, which is the school I will also be attending in September to do MA Acting. We also discussed my modules at University and it was really helpful to have an outsider’s perspective on my final year project, let alone a professional actor. She gave me some interesting things to research and look at that can also enhance my work.

After the show I went backstage to the green room bar and met the cast, it was so exciting to be in the presence of so many talented actors. Tamsin then introduced me to Daniel and he gave me an insight to what it is like to be a student at East 15. He made me feel so much more excited and comfortable that I have made the right decision. This meeting was another confirmation that I am doing the right thing in following what I have always wanted to do and gave me hope that one day it could be me performing. It is exhilarating to think I am coming to the end of my third year and am about to start on the road to becoming a professional actor.

Jessica Robjohns, 3rd Year BA Drama and Theatre Arts


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