Blog 2 – career paths to acting

Since my last blog, Phyllida’s trio of all-female Shakespeare plays have finished their run in the UK, and gone to Broadway and completed their run there. Despite all of this, Phyllida has been in contact regularly through email and voice messages whilst meeting face-to-face would be difficult.

Throughout the emails and messages, my mentor and I have been continuing discussing what path to a career would be the best course of action, and how to make myself as desirable for an acting career as possible regardless of the path there. Phyllida has advised me what courses and schools to pursue, as well as what skills and experiences I ought to cultivate to make myself as ready and desirable as possible for courses and an acting career.

My mentor has also offered to give me one-to-one direction on any audition pieces I would like to prepare for auditions, which is an invaluable offer. And when I come to preparing my audition pieces, I will be sure to take it up. Alongside my visits to see Phyllida working in rehearsal twice last term, and see her shows, I have a better idea of a professional rehearsal room, and what I need to do to get there myself.

Erin Quilliam, 3rd year BA Drama / English Lit


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