Progressing Well (Blog 2)

The Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme is progressing swimmingly for me and Cilla Snowball, despite the fact we still haven’t met! We were supposed to meet in December at the AMV BBDO offices in London, but Cilla fell ill so had to cancel. We have rearranged to meet next week which I am very excited about. Whilst we haven’t met in person, we have spoken on the phone and exchange emails regularly.

During my first term back at university I applied for the AMV Academy, a graduate scheme run by AMV BBDO (where Cilla is the CEO). I got through to the final stage of interviews but unfortunately did not get the job. Whilst I was sad about this AMV recommended me to a sister agency for a job there. Cilla has helped me in regards to communicating with them and the sort of things I should prepare for my interview. Since I have never worked (aside from part-time work at uni), it is really useful to have a leader in the business guiding me through the job search. Cilla has advised me that even though I have a promising lead at the other agency, I should continue to search for jobs and to apply around.

Cilla suggested that even if a company has not advertised a specific job opening, if your CV and cover letter are good enough they will happily speak with you in regards to possible opportunities because advertising agencies are always looking for new talent.

Molly Feely, 4th year BA Modern Languages


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