First Contact (Blog 1)

Since the start of the programme I have been in contact with my mentor, Cilla Snowball, over email as well as on the telephone. Our first interaction over phone was really interesting; we spent the time getting to know each other and discussing what I wanted out of the mentoring programme. Before the phone call I was incredibly nervous; Cilla is a leader in the industry and what if I didn’t make a good first impression? What if it was awkward? I needn’t have worried, Cilla was really kind and I felt at ease immediately; she asked me questions about my family, university, my home town and we just got to know each other.

Since applications for graduate schemes in advertising tend to have deadlines in October/November, Cilla encouraged me to start applying as soon as possible. She also made sure that I remembered to include the Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme in my CV because it is something that employers look well upon, particularly the fact we had to present to a panel to gain our places.

As she is incredibly busy we have arranged an appointment for mid-December when I will go to the AMV BBDO offices in London to meet her in person. I am really excited to meet her properly, and to see the AMV offices. During our phone call she offered me the opportunity of some work experience at AMV, where she would throw me in at the deep end and I would get to see exactly how the industry works; I will definitely be taking her up on the offer. Since the advertising industry is so competitive work experience at a leading company will look incredible on my CV – I can’t wait!

I’m so happy with how the programme has progressed so far; a new friend to guide me and the promise of work experience are invaluable assets.

Molly Feely, 4th Year Modern Languages


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