Getting to Know Tamsin Greig and Myself

Tamsin initially invited me to meet her at Hampstead Theatre in London where she was performing in Tony Kushner’s latest play ‘THE INTELLIGENT HOMOSEXUAL’S GUIDE TO CAPITALISM AND SOCIALISM WITH A KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES’. We met in the bar area of the theatre and began to discuss my interests and experience of university. It was interesting to compare the Drama and Theatre Arts course has changed since Tamsin was at Birmingham – when she was there, only 15 people were on the course!

We discussed the performing arts in general – how theatre is developing, the politics surrounding the arts – before Tamsin told me about her journey into the acting. We discussed various options but concluded the most obvious path for me to follow would be to apply for MA Acting courses whilst keeping my mind open to other opportunities.

I asked Tamsin about how she prepares for the opening of a show and she gave me new tips on how to calm pre-show jitters and how to obtain complete focus before a performance. Another idea Tamsin offered was for me to keep my options open at all times and make myself as unique an actress as possible. She suggested I continue my dancing and singing and perhaps look into writing my own material. It was a very useful meeting where we had the chance to get to know one another. Afterwards I watched the matinee performance of the play and thoroughly enjoyed it. The play was very thought provoking and captivating performances from the entire cast mesmerized the packed house. We plan to keep up regular contact via email and then meet again in the New Year.

Jessica Robjohns, 3rd Year BA Drama and Theatre Arts


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