An awe-inspiring mentor

I feel immensely privileged and lucky to have been awarded Dr Rowan Hillson MBE as my mentor; an advocate for improving diabetes care and everything I hope I could be in the future. Our first telephone conversation was inspiring and a great opportunity to discuss what I hoped to gain from the Alumni mentoring programme. Almost immediately Dr Hillson sent me numerous contacts; leaders in their field who I could make contact with to discuss the possibility of research projects and work experience. She also put me in touch with core members of the International Diabetes Federation, where I will be undertaking my medical elective at the end of year four.  These discussions will help me to develop my elective project and enable me to make the most of such a formidable opportunity. I know it will be a great success and it will be thanks to the help from my mentor in preparation for the project.  Dr Hillson also gave me valuable feedback and advice on my CV within a day of talking on the phone. I feel immensely positive about this mentoring relationship and look forward to working hard to make it work.

Lauren Quinn, 4th Year Medicine


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