My mentoring journey

I very much enjoyed working with Ian, his workplace and UK engineering experience was invaluable and definitely helped me secure my graduate job at Fluor. I first met Ian around November time in Gaydon where I was able to talk to Ian about his experiences from leaving university, completing an MBA and finally as an director at Aston Martin. This was extremely useful. We also spoke about which skills business are really looking for at the moment in UK and what is important for graduates, Ian said he really values communication skills. I was also given a tour of the factory which was very interesting

The next time I got into contact with Ian was a phone call around January time to discuss an application form for the Salters graduate prize as I had been nominated by my school. Once again the outlook of the UK engineering was discuss and another very useful chat.

And finally just before and after being offered my graduate job I spoke to Ian what he feels is important when accepting a graduate role, and this was really useful.

I would definitely recommend the scheme to anyone willing to learn from experts within their respective fields. From the scheme I gained an insight into graduate life, what employers seek in graduates and what is important for graduates to look for in employers as finding a good fit for both the individual and the business is needed.

I am currently travelling around south east Asia and Australia until December before starting work in January.

Chris Topping


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