Publication success and looking to the future

Having the help and guidance of Dr. Hillson has been incredibly useful over the past few months.

This term has been particularly busy, with most of my efforts focussed on completing and handing in my dissertation for my intercalated biomedical sciences degree. The research project that I have completed over the past seven months is in the field of endocrinology. Dr. Hillson is a specialist in endocrinology and therefore has been on hand to provide help and medical guidance throughout my dissertation write up. I have particularly valued her continued advice and I found it immensely reassuring to be able to ask for her opinion and expertise when the going got particularly stressful.

Fortunately I managed to complete and hand in my dissertation and have just finished my examination period too. Whilst it has been a difficult few months in terms of workload and revision, it has definitely been made slightly more bearable with the help of Dr. Hillson.

Whilst this term has been rather work-orientated, last week I was excited to hear that an article that I had written, with the help of Dr. Hillson, had been published in the student BMJ. Whilst this article was written by myself, I feel the success of getting it published in the student BMJ is definitely attributed to the input that Dr. Hillson had during the drafting of the work. It is so nice to have my work published, and also I know that Dr. Hillson was pleased that she was able to help me with this success.

Now that my exams and dissertation deadlines are complete, Dr. Hillson and I are hopefully going to meet again soon to catch up. I am very fortunate that Dr. HIllson has said that she is happy to continue mentoring me throughout my medical degree and I know that as I commence my final year of study and look to apply for my first jobs, the help and experience that she can offer will be invaluable.


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