Keeping up the momentum (Blog 4)

As planned, I haven’t had direct contact with Cilla since I last met her as I have been completely busy with my dissertation, revision and all the stress of final year. I have however, been working on some of the suggestions that she gave me at our last meeting. Following her advice on trying to gain local work experience within Advertising and Marketing, I have been continuously searching the Careers’ Network website for any opportunities. After having applied for many internship positions, I have finally been successful in securing a month long paid Marketing Internship which I’m convinced was down to my work experience at AMV-BBDO. At the interview stage they were very keen to hear about my experience and what I had gained from the week. While I was on work experience, various people at the agency had given me career focused advice such as keeping up-to-date with the most recent ads and reading about new and successful global marketing campaigns. I took this on board and it gave me loads to talk about at my interview, particularly when they asked me about where I thought the future of Marketing was heading!

Additionally I attended the ALMP Leadership event along with some of the other mentees. It was great to meet some of the other mentors and gain an insight into how to become a successful leader within business. Not only this, but the evening gave me the chance to meet Cilla’s previous mentee, Sam, in person as he was giving a speech at the event. It was great to ask him how his experience with Cilla had helped him to secure his current position, and he gave me a realistic insight into life after university. Sam also told me to contact him if I had any further questions about the practicalities of moving away from home after graduation which I took him up on! It’s fantastic that the scheme has allowed me to not only network with the mentors but also previous mentees who have recent experiences of the programme and can relate to what the pressure of final year!

Ella Talbot

English Language

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