The journey continues

IMG_3096I wrote in my first blog post how I felt Barry Cockcroft was an enthusiastic mentor on the programme who was keen to assist. As the scheme has unfolded, this first impression has certainly proven correct. Living just outside the Birmingham area hasn’t stopped Barry from making a dedicated train journey to meet with me for coffee. Upon meeting, we’ve spoken without silence each time. An insightful balance of answering my specific questions but also sharing miscellaneous advice and anecdotes.

Through Barry I have been able to speak with other leadership professionals of the field. In May 2016, I will have a full day shadowing with Public Health England. The value of such opportunities is evident as the School of Dentistry has permitted me to have absence from teaching to accept the invitation.

Since meeting Barry, I have felt that some of the information shared with me would be of great benefit to other students. After a discussion of this, we have arranged for an interview with Barry to feature in our dental student magazine which I am part of. This is very exciting and shows how the scheme can lead to great things which are not at first obvious.

I certainly look forward to what still remains ahead!

Andrew Kalli

BDS Dentistry


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