Looking to The Future

The Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme almost forces you to look towards the future whether that be in terms of higher education or working. At the same time, it allows you to see how far you have come as an individual from the start of third year on the way to the end.

My fifth meeting took place once again in the House of Lords but differently, in the café. As the number of meetings pass, meeting with Doreen becomes more relaxed and less structured in tone. The focus of this particular meeting was on applying for Postgraduate study, working after university, how to relax during stressful times and balancing the workload.

Further to my prior uncertainty about whether to undergo Postgraduate studies, the government had changed the way in which funding was available therefore it was now a viable option. Having said that, barriers would still be faced in order to get there – in terms of sustaining living, adapting to a new institution and undertaking more responsibility for my own education. Doreen (VERY kindly) is assisting me in my personal statement working to bring the best out of me which is the central part of my application.

In terms of her advice for relaxing, she recommended apps that I could use to meditate which during third year is important. Rarely in the last year especially the second and final term, you may find time to actually stop AND truly relax your mind without thinking of what is next. Doreen stressed this importance in order for me to not suffer from a “burnout”. Having a mentor there in your final year is one of the best things I personally have sought out to have – knowing someone is there for the most of confusion, weakness and lack of motivation is something I’m eternally grateful for.

The next time, we meet I shall have started my 1st draft of my personal statement well on the way to Postgraduate education… although I will stop for some meditation on the journey.

Till next time,



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