Second meeting with Alan Davey

My second mentoring session took place on campus as Alan had business in Birmingham that day. I found it a lot easier to talk to him this time as I had already gotten the nerves of the first introduction out the way. As the first session was more about getting to know me and what career I wanted to pursue, this meeting was more about beginning to organise specific actions I would need to take to get me heading in the right direction.

I had prepared a list of organisations I wanted to work for, which I brought with me; we went through the list and Alan offered his opinions on what places had a good reputation and would be suited to me. We also looked at which of the organisations he knew someone who he could introduce me to. There are some people who he thinks I should meet, which would really help me with finding out more about the industry.


We discussed work shadowing and are in the process of setting up dates for that. He also thought it would be beneficial for me to shadow the head producer of the BBC Singers, as this is potentially the kind of job I would like to do, and it would be good to see as many managerial positions in the arts sector as I can. Alan is a really generous mentor; helping to arrange these amazing opportunities for me, it reminds me how great it is to be on this mentoring programme.


I wanted to get his opinion on my CV and how to use LinkedIn, so I’ve given him my documents to look over for our next meeting. We talked about some internships I’m interested in applying for and the possibility of doing a masters.


It wasn’t all serious career talk though; we also chatted about how my uni work was going and what other things I was taking on at the moment. I’d been doing some public speaking at open day events for the Music Department, which we both agreed was a good opportunity for me to become more comfortable with presenting in front of a group. I also told him about being appointed the Stage Manager of the Summer Festival Opera.


All in all I feel like my mentoring is really getting started now and I can’t wait to see what happens next.


Olivia Grant

3rd Year, English Lit and Music



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