“It was not sugar-coated, it was the honest truth.”

I have first met Luciana in November, in London at Portcullis House. I was very excited and nervous about the meeting. I had to get there about 30 minutes earlier than the meeting because there is airport style security at the entrance (you know you are meeting a really important person when they have to check you twice before you enter a building).

Her assistant met me at the reception and took me at Luciana’s office. The meeting was short but concise and we went straight into the subject. She asked me a few personal questions and then proceeded to check me CV. Now, at this point I must say that I have used Careers Network a dozen times to make my CV really good. However, to my surprise, there were A LOT of things she advised me to change. I can honestly say that after the initial shock wore off, I felt truly happy for the first time with the advice I received. It was nothing general, it was not sugar-coated, it was the honest truth. I felt grateful to be in a position to receive such good advice. We established to meet again after Christmas and to further talk about an opportunity to shadow her in the spring term.

I am a week away from having my second meeting so I will let you all know how that went-to be honest, I am very excited because I am considering a career change and I really want to hear Luciana’s thoughts on my plans.


Ioana Chiva

Law, 3rd Year


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