Planning for the future (Blog 2)

After my first meeting with Baroness Patience Wheatcroft I came away with lots to think about, as well as some achievable goals to focus on.

Since our last meeting I have updated my UoB Careers Connect profile so that I now receive regular job postings that are not only relevant to journalism but also to marketing and PR.

Following this, I found a really interesting internship posted by Discovery. The position is a Marketing and Communications Internship role for 12 months. The position seemed perfect for me, combining my passions for travel, writing, and all things digital and social media related. I’ve applied for the position, so am keeping my fingers crossed!

Seeing this position encouraged me to explore potential avenues I could take if I were to pursue a marketing career and I have been mainly focusing on this for the last couple of months.

This led me to create a LinkedIn account so that I can keep up to date with job postings and market trends. It’s a great tool to see what’s out there and to make connections with people who work in different industries. I was able to narrow down my main interests to travel/tourism, the arts, and lifestyle/fitness and so I am following companies who share these passions to see what kinds of things they have on offer in terms of jobs/internships.

I’ve also joined the Guild TV (UoB’s student TV station) Marketing team so that I can have a go at some hands on marketing experience. I’ve already been assigned the task of compiling the station’s weekly newsletter which gets sent out over email to all of our subscribers.

I also managed to book a careers meeting with the UoB Careers Network. I learnt that there are three main ways to break into a marketing career: through graduate schemes, internships, or entry-level jobs. I was given lots of information on where to start researching for companies who may be offering these things so I will be looking into this over the coming months.

I recounted all of these updates to Baroness Wheatcroft during my second meeting with her and she was really pleased with my progress. Towards the end of last year she was extremely kind as she helped me to re-craft my CV and proofread my cover letter for my application to Discovery and I am extremely grateful for her help.

In our second meeting Baroness Wheatcroft gave me some tips and ideas with regards to which companies to look at for marketing grad schemes. We also discussed some potential questions I may be faced with at interviews and brainstormed some possible responses.

Baroness Wheatcroft also emphasised the importance of taking some time to myself during my final term at University. She highlighted how during such a stressful period you can’t forget to look after yourself and to have some time out. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with studies at this point and so I’m making sure I set aside time each week to have a break and relax.

Marianna Lampon

4th year, English and American Literature with year abroad


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