‘Strive for excellence rather than perfection.’

Since I last met with Cilla in November time, I’ve confirmed the details of my week’s work experience at AMV BBDO, started to update my CV and LinkedIn profile in line with her suggestions, and tried to focus on some of the advice she gave me. One of the main things Cilla had told me to focus on was my attitude towards things. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, but Cilla taught me to strive for excellence rather than perfection. Thinking about things in this way has definitely helped with the academic stress of final year.

At the start of the New Year, I had a call from Cilla asking how I’d been since we last met. We discussed the progress of my CV, the importance of a LinkedIn profile, and what she feels are the most important features she looks for in employees. Additionally, Cilla suggested that I thought about other fields that I may be interested in besides Advertising. After stating that Publishing is another career path that I have considered, she offered to put me in touch with an agency who may be able to help me learn more about the opportunities in this area after graduation.

Cilla has also helped me to create a more long-term plan in terms of what to do after graduating. By following her advice of waiting until after exams before applying for jobs, I no longer feel guilty about not frantically applying for every grad job I might be interested in at this stage. She reassured me by explaining that taking the time to decide exactly what I’m most passionate about before I start applying will help me to become more successful. This enables me to spend more time studying over the next few weeks as opposed to searching for jobs and internships. Instead, as part of my plan, I’m waiting until after my work experience and exams are over, when I should hopefully have a clearer picture of where I’m heading.

I think that one of the nicest things about our call was that it felt like a chat with a friend more than a phone call with the Group CEO of the UK’s biggest advertising agency. She’s made me feel a lot more relaxed about planning for the future as well as making me feel more confident in my ability to succeed in finding a job or internship after graduating.

Ella Talbot,

3rd Year English Language

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