Help from my mentor is continuing to prove invaluable

I have now been mentored by Dr. Rowan Hillson for almost 5 months and already her help and guidance has proved invaluable.

After our meeting in November, Dr. Hillson has continued to help me with all aspects of my medical course so far this year. Having been part of many interview and selection panels, Dr. Hillson was able to assess my CV. She was helpful in suggesting changes to my CV that could help to demonstrate my achievements in a more succinct and clear manner. I have found that Dr. Hillson’s years of experience in the medical field is helping me gain a huge amount of perspective in understanding what it is that future employers are looking for in myself and how that can be reflected in my CV.

I have also used Dr. Hillson’s research expertise to help me in writing an article to be submitted to the Student BMJ. Dr. Hillson was able to proof read my work and made very constructive comments to help improve my chances of the article being published. I have since made the changes that Rowan suggested and the magazine were very positive about my work. I am hoping that through Dr. Hillson and mine combined efforts, I should hopefully soon have a published article, which would be a great achievement.

I am looking forward to hopefully meeting up with Dr. Hillson again in February. She has offered to read some of my research work that I am doing this year, so I am hopeful that she may be able to help me with the write up of this.

Dr. Hillson has continued to be a very supportive mentor. I am increasingly reminded of how lucky I am to have her guidance. She has so far made the whole ALMP process enjoyable and completely worthwhile for me and I hope that we continue to see each other over the next few months.

Lucy Elliott

4th Year, Medicine


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