The world of work! (Blog 2)

Slightly nervous, I headed off to Crew Clothing head office on a rainy December morning. One of the things I wanted to learn on the mentoring scheme was about the different roles within a retail business and which might best suit me. My day in the office helped a lot with this, I moved round different departments throughout the day which gave me a chance to find out what they do and how all the departments work together. I spent time with buying, merchandising, design, e-commerce and retail operations. It was a brilliant experience! I got the chance to ask so many questions and also to ask advice. I was also given the opportunity to meet with a recruiter who helped me with my CV and interview technique.

The next day I worked in the Crew Store in Reading. It was only a few days before Christmas so it was a busy day and I had to learn fast! I helped with stock and served customers. Spending time on the shop floor as well as in head office really allowed me to understand more about how a retail business works and how much effort and time is put into to producing just one item of clothing. I am hopefully going to meet with Louise soon to talk about my experiences and to decide my next steps!

Ellen Taylor,

Modern Languages, 3rd Year


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