First meeting with the BBC’s HR Director

Within the first week back at University for my final year I already had an email from Valerie’s Secretary Lottie arranging my first meeting. In mid-October I went to the BBC offices in Birmingham where I was greeted by Valerie’s business partner Amanda Brettell. Amanda showed me around the offices and we had a quick chat about uni and my career aspirations whilst Valerie was finishing off a meeting with a client.

Although I was apprehensive, Valerie instantly put me at ease by welcoming me with a big smile. We had a brief chat about what I needed help with, which was interview technique and application help. We discussed at length a number of techniques and do’s and dont’s. Valerie then went through a previous application with me and outlined things I should change and gave me a number of things to work with when applying for other jobs. Valerie then talked me through her experiences and career history and how she got from a business student at Birmingham to becoming HR director at the BBC.

A few days later, after Valerie’s advice, I sent my CV to her secretary to have a look over and make recommendations on how I could improve it before sending it to potential employers. Lottie was very helpful and easy to talk to over the phone and made a number of suggestions which have improved my CV to no end.

In mid-November, I met up with Valerie’s business partner again at the Birmingham offices to have a practice interview prior to a real one for a logistics company graduate scheme. Amanda gave me a very difficult interview to give me a worst case scenario situation in an interview. After the practice we went through ways I can improve and changes I could make to my answers. This was invaluable to me, and I have learnt a lot from it.

I am scheduled to meet Valerie again next week and I look forward to discussing what else I can do to improve.

Ted Griffiths, ALMP Mentee 2015-16

Economics and Social History


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