First Meeting Success (Blog 1)

My first meeting with Cilla was on campus; she was coming to Birmingham for the evening to talk at the ‘5 years of mentoring’ celebration event, and suggested we met up beforehand. I must admit I was very nervous about meeting her as while planning what to ask and my first session, I’d read a lot about her which did little to rest my nerves! Knowing I would be meeting with such a powerful industry leader seemed overwhelming!

However, as soon as I actually met Cilla, I quickly realised I’d been worrying for no reason.

We started off by just getting to know each other: talking about what we did in our spare time; how my course was going and about our families. It was really reassuring to know she was human too and not a scary robot-like manager. And that was a main message Cilla gave me- that within the world of work, people aren’t cut-throat like you see on The Apprentice, but that they’re just nice and genuine people wanting to do a job they love. We talked a bit more about my career plans, and Cilla offered me a week of work experience at her company in London. I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to find out more about Advertising and to figure out if it’s for me. As Cilla reminded me, it’s more important to focus on getting a good degree rather than stressing myself by applying for jobs that I’m not sure about.

After our chat, Cilla went on to introduce me to some contacts at the celebration evening. It was a great chance to network and meet other useful contacts based in The Midlands. I’ve been a bit bogged down with work at the moment, but Cilla’s aware of that and has told me to get in touch again or pop down to her London office when I have time!


Cilla Snowball - Celebrating Five Years of Mentoring

Cilla Snowball – Celebrating Five Years of Mentoring


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