First Meeting in the house of Lords! (Blog 1)

My first meeting with Baroness Patience Wheatcroft took place on Tuesday. Reading over my notes one last time in the train down to London I was looking forward to discussing the various questions I had for her and to gain some initial advice to set me in good stead for the year ahead.

Making my way to the Peers Entrance of the House of Lords I had forgotten how beautiful the building was having only visited the outside of Parliament when I was much younger. The Baroness showed me around the inside of the building before we sat down to discuss over coffee.

The meeting was a success and I learnt so much in the hour we spent together. I was able to set a variety of goals and I will be keeping the Baroness up to date with my progress with these goals over the coming weeks and months.

I will be focussing on beginning research for my next steps (exploring possible training schemes etc), doing my homework on the industries which I am interested in including Journalism and developing my writing voice/style.

The Baroness also explained the importance of not closing any doors at this stage whilst I’m still finding my feet with regards to the specific avenue I want to go down in my career.

She suggested avenues in Marketing, PR or Broadcasting where I can still apply my creativity and writing skills. I am currently in the process of seriously considering Marketing as a great option for me and am starting to research possible work/intern placements within this field.

In all, the first meeting was a success and I feel like I have already made a huge amount of progress. Here’s to more that’s still to come!

Marianna Lampon, ALMP Mentee 2015-16


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