Since the beginning of the academic year I have met Simon several times for a variety of discussions. Most of my efforts this term has been focused on my post graduate applications. Simon has been very involved in this process, providing me with many potential destinations that would be suitable for me. He has given guidance on what music I should use in my pre-screening auditions, and what I should expect from the various courses including his own here at the University. Whenever he did not know the answer to one of my questions about a particular course, he very quickly put me in touch with someone who did.

Simon has also helped me with my work here at the university. In the first week of term I came to him with questions regarding introducing new music to an un-auditioned choir for the first time. The music that I wanted to perform was challenging, and I did want to dishearten or scare anyone in the choir, particularly if this was their first impression of extracurricular musical activities at the university. As Simon had conducted all of the pieces before he was able to pass on helpful tips that could only come through experience. One of the things I have learned from working with Simon is that most of the difficulties I am encountering in my repertoire now as an undergraduate conductor are the same problems I would face as a professional e.g. intonation, unification of vowels, rhythm.


Jack Apperley

3rd Year Music



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