Stephen Bowcott – History

The mentor scheme has proved to be a truly inspiring and valuable experience that has given me an insight into the world of work and helped to form a strong foundation of skills that will no doubt help me as I progress with my academic studies. Having saw the scheme advertised on the University website many months ago I knew this would be a one-off opportunity to learn from an ex UOB student who shared a similar interest in a subject area as did I.

The mentor scheme is not a rigid programme and for those including myself who embarked on it at the beginning we had little idea of what to expect, it is however through this freedom that the scheme offers so much. When I first spoke with my mentor Kat we both had little knowledge of what was expected of either of us and decided to concentrate on improving my employability prospects for potential work over the summer break. Kat’s experience was evident here; she provided me with a second opinion and really helped to highlight areas of improvement for how I presented myself both in C.V terms and the interview stage.

With Kat’s help I acquired a job at ‘Glide’ a vibrant utilities company based in the city centre; I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Glide and have met some amazing people. This scheme has provided me with a valuable mentor who has given me a sense of direct not only in acquiring work experience but also in casting her eye over past university work and showing me ways in which to improve.

I would thoroughly recommend this scheme to anyone!

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