Jennifer Omigie – 2nd Year, Chemical Engineering

I have been studying for the past 2 years with no work experience  whatsoever and very little realisation of what was waiting for me outside university. I applied to a number of companies for summer placements but we all know its very competitive you have 1000s of applicants applying for 1 role. After receiving a lot of  the “I am sorry we cant offer you a place” letter I felt very discouraged.

 I received an email informing me of the mentoring scheme, I thought it will be a useful experience to get inside information and advice on what to do when I finish uni because as of that point I was completely clueless about  what I wanted to do.

I contacted my mentor by email he seemed like a very busy person, I sent an email introducing myself and I got some guidance on how to make the first contact from the seminar we had about the mentoring scheme.

I didn’t get to see my mentor, I didn’t really have the time because its my major year I had my design project and other commitments going on it would have been hard for me to travel to see him.  We mainly emailed as time progressed the emails were more casual than formal.

The mentoring scheme was very insightful. I am happy I took part in it, having someone in industry guiding you and giving you advice is priceless. My mentor finished from the same department as I. So it made it very easy for me to convey my problems and for him to give me useful and applicable advice.

The key thing I learnt from this mentoring scheme is knowing the world of contractors, getting into the big companies can be really had but I realised there are so many contractors and smaller firms who are keen to employ young professionals  and you are given the opportunity to learn more since the company is smaller and you are not constricted. You can do more and gain more experience in a lot of areas compared to the big companies.

My tips:

Make the most out of it, because its really hard to get inside advice and guidance , take optimum advantage of the scheme because you will learn things that will prepare you for the job market.

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