Liam Barrett – Year 2, Medicine

Liam Barrett

Liam Barrett

How have you found the mentoring relationship?

The relationship with my mentor has been great. He has been extremely supportive through the stressful second year medical exams and has always been on hand to help. Phil always replies in good time and is willing to go the extra mile to help out – may that be with proofreading an essay – answering clinical questions or giving general advice. Having a mentor that truly understands the stresses associated with medical school is imperative to why the relationship works. Phil has been able to provide honest advice in order to improve my standard of work which I have really appreciated.

Phil always replies in good time and is willing to go the extra mile to help out

Was there anything specific your mentor helped you with?

My mentor has advised me on my student selected essay topic. Together we discussed various ideas and with Phil’s clinical experience ,together we were able to pick a clinically relevant essay focusing on atypical antipsychotic use for patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Phil also provided a case study which I included in my essay and which was commented on being very emotive in my presentation of the essay topic. Phil also assisted in reviewing my poster project and provided really useful resources to help improve style and presentation.

The extremely approachable nature of Phil has allowed me to feel comfortable in contacting him to ask questions. His ability to make me feel at ease during exam stress has been key to the success of the mentoring relationship. Phil also stresses the need to find a balance and encourages me to have a break in order to work best.


Overall thoughts about your mentoring experience

The mentoring scheme has been a great success. I have learnt a lot and gathered new ideas and perspectives of medicine that I did not have before. I would advise anyone considering applying for the mentoring scheme to do so.


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