Shenaid Tapper, Planning and Economics BSc

When I first read the profile for my mentor I was extremely happy, as I felt he was exactly what I had described in my initial application: he had done an Economics based degree and had worked for the UK government. I was also pleased that he was from a nearby region as I thought we would be able to meet up regularly. However, in our first exchange of emails I discovered he would be working in Pakistan for the remainder of this academic year. Although, I was disappointed, he regularly emailed me with CV advice, details of his career path, and possible work experience I should look for.

I liked the fact that my mentor seemed genuinely interested in my future career plans and he always thought-provoking answers to my questions.

I was also able to improve my CV and use his tips in interviews and applications for jobs and work experience. I would have liked the opportunity to arrange a meeting; however we have agreed to meet when he returns from Pakistan, and I am positive about our future relationship.

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