‘Feedback is the breakfast of champions’ – Celebrating 5 years of mentoring

Last Tuesday, 27th October the University of Birmingham’s two main mentoring schemes celebrated 5 years of linking students and professionals. It was a great event and there was definitely a feeling of success and achievement in the air.

Celebrating 5 years of Mentoring

The evening began with a drinks and canapés  for all attendees which was a great way to meet Alumni and other students on the mentoring schemes. Next was an introductory section by Dilveena Sokhi, Mentoring Development Office at the University who gave the audience all the facts and figures about what the Careers Network and Alumni Leadership Mentoring Schemes have achieved thus far.

Next, Cilla Snowball introduced the Alumni Leadership Programme giving her insight into why she proposed the scheme and providing case studies on her mentees achievements. It was great to hear that such successful business people also attended the University of Birmingham and are willing to offer their time to help current students. Cilla was followed by her mentee from last year Sam Parr, who mentioned that ‘feedback is the breakfast of champions’. For me this was the message of the whole evening. The idea that whatever stage you are at in your career there is always room to improve and learn from others.

The evening continued as we heard insightful presentations from mentor and mentees on the Careers Network and LGBT mentoring schemes. It was great to hear the different perspectives on what they gained from the different programmes, whether it was an insight into a desired career path, feedback about how their CV looked or from a mentors perspective giving effective advice and sharing their lessons learnt.

Overall the evening was a great success, I left feeling really motivated. I enjoyed meeting others on my mentoring scheme and hearing from successful professionals.

For more information on all the mentoring schemes.

By Mary Agbesanwa, ALMP Mentee 2015-16


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