A Parliamentary Affair (Blog 1)

An invitation into the House of Lords. Me? Already?

Let me backtrack and quickly tell you who I am before we get to the invitation. My name is Makedah Simpson and I’m currently twenty years of age. It is quite clear what university I attend and I’m currently tackling (Yes, I used the correct word) my third and final year of Political Science with Social Policy.
I applied for the Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme (ALMP) because whilst in second year, it dawned on me that my time at the University academically was nearly over. The process of graduate applications, moving back to London and knowing I will actually have to pay tax hit me all at once. I saw the programme as allowing me to gain further insight into the government, giving me guidance on whether I should undertake further education and developing my potential.
The mentor I was skilfully paired with on the ALMP was Baroness Doreen Massey. Her accolades to name but a few are that she is a Board Member of UNICEF, she has taught across various continents including Africa and the US and she regularly speaks in the House of Lords on education and childcare.
So here we are… I received an email out of the blue from the Baroness inviting me to the House of Lords for our first meeting. In my response, I did wish to write whether she was sure but on the 19th of October, I indeed was let in to the House of Lords.

After the initial formalities, we sat in a room overlooking the River and I was blown away not only by the view but how lovely Doreen is. We discussed in length the objectives of this mentoring, my dissertation and how she can be of help to me.
Our next meeting scheduled for the 23rd of November would focus on speaking to other peers about my dissertation which will aid the progress with this project.

Leaving Parliament, I felt more reassured about my progress than before.

By Makedah Simpson, JH Political Science with Social Policy


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