Areas I Hadn’t Considered Before (Blog 2)


Sarah was visiting Birmingham and this seemed like a great opportunity to have a catch up regarding my applications and talk over my plans for next term. We met on campus and discussed the progress of some of my applications and took this opportunity to discuss other schemes and internships that I may be interested in. Sarah gave me some ideas to go away and research including looking into areas that I did not consider before within the private sector but would still let me impact on people’s lives. I had brought along a copy of my CV as I wanted Sarah’s opinion and suggestions about how I could improve this to help me ‘stand out’. It was really useful as Sarah has had a wealth of experience of sifting through applicants’ CVs so she knew what worked well and because of her insight into the field was able to help me highlight those skills which are sought after. Although our meeting lasted around half an hour this was useful in refocusing my applications as well as dramatically improving my CV. After the meeting I felt confident that I am now in a better place regarding my applications and revitalised in my career search.


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