If You Really Want Something it Pays to Give it Your All (Blog 1)

Meeting One

When I applied for the scheme I was really excited by the idea of having a mentor who had had such a diverse career as Doreen had. I was over the moon to be accepted and to get the mentor I had chosen. I had put all my eggs in one basket and only applied for Doreen as a mentor. I know this phrase usually has a negative sense but I felt that if you really want something it pays to give it your all which ultimately means putting all of your eggs in the one basket.

I was so pleased and surprised at how quickly Doreen got in touch with me. She emailed me before I’d even had the training for the scheme.

Our first meeting was great. Like her previous mentees we met at the House of Lords and despite all of the grandeur of the situation Doreen made me feel so comfortable. I had been really nervous and worried that she would be so superior but she was very down to earth and treated me as though we were on the same level.

We talk about how her career had progressed and what I wanted to do. I told her some ideas I’d had and she was really keen to help me however she could and also put me in contact with people who might know more about my career options than her.

I had been hoping to join the army as a student nurse however, a few weeks after the meeting I found out that they weren’t recruiting for mental health nurses and I would only have the option of studying adult nursing. It was great to be able to discuss this with my mentor and I was again surprised and pleased at how quickly she responded. Unlike when discussing my career options with my parents, she was concerned that I do what I’m really passionate about. I think I would have been tempted to do adult nursing without having a mentor to discuss it with because final year is a scary time where you face so much. It is very easy to pursue a career that isn’t really you. Having a mentor is great because they can look at your situation without all of the stresses of final and guide you accordingly.


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