Thinking the future with my mentor Simon Halsey (Blog 2)

Meeting – June 2014

Simon and I met again at the beginning of June to discuss what my next steps were after just completing my degree. It had been a busy few months with final exams and dissertation hand ins, so we had a lot to catch up on. I now have an unconditional offer to study my Masters course (in Cultural Policy) in London from September, and we discussed a variety of current issues on arts funding and education systems. The greatest benefit from an alumni mentoring relationship is getting an insider’s perspective of the industry, and Simon’s extensive work in Germany was particularly insightful on understanding the fundamental differences in policy initiatives and the national curriculum relating to arts education.

Additionally as part of the programme I will undertake an internship in a relevant field. We discussed the work experience I already have (and will have gained over this summer) and established areas that could be of interest. Being in London next year I hope to be able to meet the contacts and undertake work experience that we have previously discussed, which had been almost impossible this year due to geographical and time restraints.

End of Year Event – July 1st
On July 1st all mentors and mentees involved with the Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme were invited to an end of year event at the AMV BBDO offices in London. It was a brilliant evening meeting with fellow soon-to-be graduates of the programme and the university. Everyone has either secured employment, work placements or higher education programmes for the coming year and we unanimously agreed that the advice and guidance of our respective mentors had significantly enhanced our prospects and career ambitions. We also agreed that the mentoring relationships that we had formed over the year would continue to develop as we embarked on our respective careers. When talking to some of the graduates of the scheme at the event it was interesting to hear how their mentoring relationships had become more like friendships and still maintained regular contact. A great evening to end a great year!


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