Expanding my network (Blog 2)

December – I arranged the second meeting a few days after the first via email. It’s good to have a date in the diary not only because the mentors have busy schedules but also because it gives you a deadline to aim towards (for example, Alan had recommended some organisations to read up on which I made sure I did before we met again).

I was back at the Arts Council building, which is just around the corner from the Houses of Parliament so always a nice walk. Alan had arranged that I meet with someone from the education department of the Arts Council who had a background similar to my (potential/hopeful!) future so it was very interesting to talk to her.

Alan and I then had a chat about what I had been up to since our last meeting and looked over a job application I had sent him. His feedback (which he had sent to me via email) was invaluable – specific and extremely helpful. He had also drawn up a list of contacts at various organisations that he suggested he put me in touch with. We had a look through the list together and decided on a few companies as starting points for networking possibilities, including (much to my delight!) the Royal Shakespeare Company. Again, it was all very exciting and I was keen to start sending out some emails.



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