Work experience at Sainsbury’s (Blog 2)

Second Meeting – February
Following our first meeting, Mike offered me the opportunity to complete some work experience at Sainsbury’s which I was very keen to do. In the time since our last meeting, Mike had been announced as the next Chief Executive Officer at Sainsbury’s!

I decided to complete 3 days which were very well organised. I worked in marketing for a day and spent the next two days with a mixture of buyers and members of the own brand team which is my dissertation topic. Meeting the buyers allowed me to decide that I do want to pursue a career in buying in the future and the own brand team couldn’t have been more helpful with information for my dissertation and general information about their roles within the business. I had a meeting with Mike on the second day and it was clear during my time at Sainsbury’s how well respected he is within the organisation. The meeting involved further career guidance for me and discussions about Sainsbury’s current position and Mike’s forthcoming promotion. It was also very useful to speak to Mike about my dissertation. The 3 days at Sainsbury’s confirmed that I would like to work as a retail buyer, and I would definitely consider working for Sainsbury’s in the future after experiencing how the business works and meeting such enthusiastic people.

Mentoring Celebration event

Mentoring Celebration event


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