Lunch at the Shard (Blog 1)

November 2013

Sarah and I arranged our first meeting via email. I had already booked onto a workshop in London relating to my course, so we made plans to meet for lunch beforehand.

We met by the Shard, and went for lunch at a restaurant nearby. I was really nervous, but she was so lovely and quickly put me at ease. We spent time chatting about what I wanted from the scheme and what my current ideas were for after University. As I don’t know what I want to do I was very nervous about this conversation, as I thought she would probably expect me to have some idea where I’d like to go. Fortunately she was really nice about it, and very reassuring. We started by
establishing some areas I definitely didn’t want to work in which was good. She also suggested that I write a list of things I wanted from a job, my list of ‘values’, that I should keep to throughout my working life.

The whole experience was really laid back but already I was starting to think about things I hadn’t previously considered. I was a little sad that our meeting was quite brief because I had to rush off, but I left feeling excited for our next meeting, which we scheduled for three weeks time when Sarah
was going to be in Birmingham. I really enjoyed meeting Sarah and I’m very excited about all I can learn over the rest of the year.



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