Successful Trip to 51 Moorgate (Blog 2)

Visit to Currencies Direct Head office, London

After my first contact with Mayank he made it clear that he wanted to meet up in person and that he had a few meetings to go to in Birmingham over the coming weeks. Unfortunately that did not happen so we got into contact again and he proposed a trip to his head office at 51 Moorgate in London. With the aid of his secretary we finalised a date for early December and I went down not really knowing what to expect.

This office is the worldwide headquarters for business, which Mayank himself started with only £8,000 and has now become the business which trades over £2.5 billion in currency this year. I went to the office suited and booted, obviously knowing I was going into a professional financial environment which I have had experience of before. I wanted to hopefully impress and not stick out like a sore thumb.

When I got to the office it was pretty impressive, the kind of thing you would expect in London for a leading currencies company. The first thing I saw was a member of the company giving a television recording and a nice lounge area where I was told to wait until Mayank was ready.

When Mayank was ready I went to his private office and we gave a bit of a formal intro about each other. From here I made about 5 pages of notes about all the stuff we talked about, including my questions I had sent in advance although a lot of the time it was taken in several different directions. Mayank is very honest and open and much of what we talked about linked to key principles to be successful, not just in business but principles that will help you in life.

The range of the conversation covered his business and experiences, his mistakes, other successful British business examples and some of his philanthropic experiences which gave me a great insight. Overall the trip was a success and he offered me the possibility to come in for a week and see how the business worked. It was amazing how much you can learn about it just under 2 hours!


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