Informative Call with Mayank (Blog 1)

Midway through October I had the pleasure of speaking to Mayank for the first time. This was after an introductory email sent by myself to his office and by working with his secretary Sara to arrange a suitable time, particularly as Mayank is normally very busy and travels frequently.

Before the meeting I made sure I prepared a clear template so we could hit the ground running which contained notes covering my key goals, ways to communicate, scheduling and what I wanted to achieve from the mentoring process. I also had a good read of the current blogs to see what kind of different approaches the mentees used and how effective they were.

For the call itself it lasted about an hour and it was a fantastic first experience. It is clear from the first moment we spoke that Mayank was a person with vast experience, who was very humble and really appreciated his core roots which have supported his successes. The conversation went through many of the keys events in life which he drew strength from and some of the essential values and traits you need to achieve whatever you want to do in life

Being quite passionate about business myself, we spoke about many of the day to day obstacles that Mayank faced during the early development of Currencies Direct company. We focused on his values which he has worked to install in his companies such as, empowering every individual, being passionate about what you do and not allowing limitations from within to hold yourself back. We also talked about the early origins of his business and numerous challenges he faced on a day to day basis.

To end the call we briefly spoke about how the next meeting could be arranged, and that a good idea would to be to forward my questions so Mayank would have time to think about what he would say in advance.

All in all a good first meeting, even if just having a telephone call with someone who I have never met can be a bit strange!


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