Graduate scheme? Check! (Blog 2)

My second meeting with Jane Lodge took place in the second term. At the end of first term, I had been accepted onto my first choice engineering graduate scheme. I used the advice Jane had given me on how to practice for interviews, especially using the mirror and making eye-contact with myself when giving a presentation to practice for my assessment centre. In addition her advice to do as much research on the company, including recent events, was very useful as I was asked what the company had done recently. With this the requirements for our mentorship relationship had shifted, I was confident on my initial career path and was no longer actively seeking any graduate schemes. I thought for our next meeting that we should focus more on Jane’s career path and advice on succeeding in a career path (including being a career oriented woman).

I prepared a series of questions and concerns I had for Jane for our next meeting. As it was a sunny day, this time our meeting took place outside on the grounds of Birmingham. Below are some of the questions I asked and discussed with Jane:

1.      What characteristics/skills do you have/recommend to develop?

2.      How/why would you change your career path?

3.      How do you deal with work life/personal life balance

During the meeting, Jane was very open with me and answered/discussed with me all the topics I wanted to cover. I told her about my initial plan for remaining on the graduate scheme and becoming a chartered engineer which she agreed with. I was pleased with this meeting as I was able to understand how Jane was able to have a successful career and think about how I would like to live my life once I started working. I was able to ask Jane all the questions I wanted without feeling self-conscious and feel that it is a truly valuable opportunity. We have decided to meet again in the third term and I am looking forward to further insight on what life would be like once my working career truly begins. I am pleased I decided to take part in the alumni programme as it forces you to seriously consider your future plans and what steps to take to ensure you are successful.

Mentor and Mentee at Celebration event

Mentor and Mentee at Celebration event


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