My First Telephone Interview (Blog 2)

As a final year student I have been focusing on finding and applying work experience and graduate jobs. One of my applications has successfully reached telephone interview stage, however I really wasn’t sure what this would entail, so I decided to email Valerie and ask for her advice.

Valerie put me in contact with a member of her emerging talent team whom I had a very insightful telephone call with. I was able to learn the general format of the telephone interviews, the types of questions asked, as well as hints and tips about what information and questions I should have before a telephone interview. A very interesting and valuable tip I learnt was to enter an elevator and be able to sum up your abilities, interests and background before it reached your stop (about 30 seconds) as “tell me a bit about yourself” is a question every employer asks. The format of my real telephone interview followed the notes and guidance I had been given very closely and the interview went well. I believe without the advice, I would have been a lot more nervous and unprepared.



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