More and More Motivation (Blog 2)

January 2014

My second meeting with Tim was at Kings College Hospital in London. I again arranged this meeting with Tim’s secretary, following Tim’s suggestions in previous emails.

The meeting was set for 9.30am on a Wednesday so in order to get to the hospital on time I had to leave my house in Oxford at 5.45am. Despite the early start I was excited to see where Tim worked and learn more about his role. The meeting was very interesting and informative. I asked if we could look over my CV and so he offered his advice for how I could improve it and he also showed me his CV- which I must say was very impressive and well written. Following the CV discussion Tim invited Rick Wilson, Kings College Hospital’s Head of Nutrition and Dietetics over to the meeting too. It was great to be able to ask him questions about his job and his role in the hospital and he was able to offer me advice for how best I could become a dietician. Tim, Rick and I had a really great discussion about new developments happening in the hospital and also about general health of the population. I really enjoyed being able to talk to Rick and Tim about these areas as they really interest me. I left Kings College Hospital with even more motivation to reach my career goals. I have since updated and modified my CV, and I have also since started to read more into new and upcoming hospital developments and treatments, as I found this part of the discussion really interesting. I am looking forward to my next meeting with Tim.

Mentoring Celebration event

Mentoring Celebration event


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