Meeting the Female Alan Sugar? (Blog 1)

13th October 2013

After an early breakfast, endlessly re-tying my tie as it was never the right length and travelling across London (a city I’d only visited twice previously and never on my own), I was feeling pretty nervous about meeting Cilla Snowball for the first time. My research had lead me to imagine a female Sir Alan Sugar from the apprentice, waiting to tear all my dreams to shreds, point her finger at me and tell me to get out hat in hand. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The meeting was laid back yet incredibly informative and Cilla was nothing like the image I’d created in my head. She was a delight and incredibly willing to help in any way she could. We explored my strengths and weaknesses, and a myriad of different avenues which I could direct my potential career path. We settled on Radio, a career path I had previously dismissed as I deemed it to be too competitive. But having spoken to me at length about it, Cilla realised that was where my passion lay and she reminded me that in the current climate, every job I went for would be incredibly competitive. She gave me a list of contacts and a number of goals to achieve in order to make my current projects on BurnFM stand out to potential future employers. I thoroughly enjoyed my meeting with Cilla and I’m greatly looking forward to working with her for the rest of the year.


Cilla Snowball at Celebration event


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