Inspection by my mentor! (Blog 2)

Since my last blog, I have met Yogi twice, the first time was at the start of December inLondon and more recently last Friday in Gerrards Cross where his office is based.

Our meeting in December was at a sushi restaurant near Marylebone station. This meeting centered around how best to get a job in the Investment industry.

As soon as we met, Yogi asked me to stand up so he could check my appearance:

No hair gel – Tick

White shirt – Tick

No facial hair – Tick

Black tie was too dull – Get something brighter yet not over the top. Belt – Required

Remove the earring

Shoes – Could do with more of a polish

Suit – OK but could do with investing in something a bit better if I could.

We then looked over my CV. I’ll detail the key points:

– Fit it into one page (not really enough content to justify two pages).

– Have 4 bullet points at the top of the page highlighting my most important selling points.

– Order work experience above education.

– Bullet point main roles/accomplishments for each work experience.

We then talked about applying for jobs. I had applied to over 20 internships/jobs within Investment after starting my second year at University without even getting through the initial stages. We discussed different alternative strategies for applying, however Yogi told me that overall what it comes down to is simply a numbers game where you should only expect something from about 1 in 30 applications. I had thought that there was maybe some special techniques that applicants used in order to secure positions at Investment firms, so was a little disappointed with the realization of the situation. However with my CV updated, my chances of being successful in the application process would hopefully increase.

At the end of the meeting, Yogi suggested a couple of books to read: Liar’s Poker: A book about a trader at Solomon Brothers in the 1980s and Snapshots from Hell: The retelling of an MBA student’s experiences at Stanford Business School.

Although this was our second meeting, I had still been a bit nervous throughout. I had prepared a list of questions before our meeting but (although it sounds stupid) had managed to only ask two of them due to nerves. The meeting was overall very useful but I was a bit annoyed that I hadn’t expressed myself in the way I wanted.


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